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Roads & Snow Removal

The Virginia Department of Transportation maintains Clarke County roads, including construction, paving, repairs, and snow removal. Clarke County government does not own snow removal equipment for county roads nor does it have a designated budget for snow removal.

The Clarke County Maintenance Department replaces downed street signs except those owned by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) or private individuals. Contact the department at (540) 955-5118.

Clarke County is in VDOT’s Staunton District, which includes more than 7,000 miles of roads in 11 counties.

Clarke County has approximately 40 miles of primary roads, 135 miles of secondary roads, and about 20 miles of non-hard surface (dirt) roads maintained by VDOT. There are unknown miles of private lanes (driveways that serve three or more houses). Generally, the individual property owners who use private roads are responsibility for maintenance and snow removal.

As an “urban locality” of more than 3,500 residents, the Town of Berryville maintains its secondary streets and receives payment from the Commonwealth of Virginia. Berryville has its own snow removal equipment.

VDOT is responsible for roads in the Town of Boyce.

During snowstorms, VDOT crews work interstate highways, major roads, and main subdivision roads in priority order. Crews begin plowing when 2 inches of snow has fallen. Property owners and occupants are responsible for clearing sidewalks of snow and ice in front of their buildings and homes.

VDOT Winter Travel Info

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