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The Clarke County Board of Supervisors is the five-person governing body that makes budget and land-use decisions, manages the Code of Clarke County, plans for growth and development, sets operational policies, and appoints individuals to serve on various boards, committees, and commissions. Supervisors represent five magisterial districts:


Berryville Voting District  
Mary C. Daniel
P.O. Box 798, Berryville VA 22611
(540) 955-1971 

Buckmarsh Voting District
David Weiss, chair
P.O. Box 349, Berryville VA 22611
(540) 955-2151

Russell Voting District
Doug Lawrence
P.O. Box 107, Berryville VA 22611
(540) 955-2144

Millwood Voting District
Terri T. Catlett
101 Chalmers Ct., Berryville VA 22611
(540) 837-2328

White Post Voting District
Bev McKay, vice chair
P.O. Box 1, Millwood VA 22646
(540) 837-1331

Board of Supervisors regular meetings begin at 1 p.m. on the third Tuesday of every month. The afternoon and evening session of the meeting each include a Citizen Comment period in which any resident may speak on any subject.

The Board has three committee meetings on the second Monday of each month, a week prior to the regular meeting: Personnel Committee, Board of Supervisors Work Session, and Finance Committee immediately after the work session. These meetings do not include Citizen Comment periods.

All meetings are open to the public. All meetings are in the second-floor meeting space in the Berryville-Clarke County Government Center located at 101 Chalmers Ct. in Berryville.