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Comprehensive Plan & Implementing Component Plans

Plans help guide Clarke County land-use decisions, both public and private, as they relate to the specific goals of the county. The Comprehensive Plan takes into account the many diverse interests of Clarke County residents and businesses. It cannot satisfy every individual interest, but it does provide a mechanism for the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of all county residents. Most importantly, it provides an outline for future decisions on land use, natural resource protection, capital improvements, and economic growth in a fair and equitable manner.

2013 Comprehensive Plan

Specific topical issues and geographic areas also require specific studies. These are treated as implementing components of the Comprehensive Plan's Goals, Objectives, and Policies. Implementing components include: Agricultural Land Plan, Mountain Land Plan, Berryville Area Plan, Business Intersections Area Plans, Water Resources Plan, Historic Resources Plan, and Capital Improvement Plan (all available under separate cover). Effective implementation of the Comprehensive Plan rests on these component plans.

The Comprehensive Plan is a document first and foremost for Clarke County residents. It is designed to protect and enhance the quality of life and sense of community valued by the people who have chosen to live and work here.

Implementing Component Plans