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Clarke County has a unique and beautiful landscape with a wealth of Natural Resources. The eastern border is the west slope of the Blue Ridge Mountains leading down to the main stem of the Shenandoah River, a State Scenic River. The Appalachian Trail traverses the Mountain. On the west side of the River lies the northern portion of the Shenandoah Valley. Underlying the Valley is limestone geology or karst. Karst terrain is characterized by sinkholes, springs and sinking streams. Although beautiful, karst features present a challenge to water quality protection as they provide a pathway between the surface waters and runoff to groundwater which the majority of the human population relies on for drinking water. Much of the County's natural resource protection efforts strive to protect these water resources. Want to learn more about karst and how you can help protect groundwater? click here Karst Info

Comprehensive Plan Sections
Water Resources Plan
Groundwater Resources Plan
Surface Water Resources Plan
Mountain Land Plan w/ color maps Large file
Mountain Land Plan w/out color maps A more manageable download
Mountain Land Plan Summary Quick look at intent of the Mountain Land Plan
Timber Harvest Regulations Loggers need a to submit a pre-harvest plan
Vegetative Clearing Limits Read before cutting or clearing on your property

Zoning Regulations
Flood Plain Ordinance Updated September 28, 2007
Spring Conservation Overlay District Overlay Reguations Prospect Hill Spring
public water supply for Boyce, Millwood, Waterloo, & White Post
Stream Protection Overlay District Limits vegetative clearing along perennial streams
County Code
Septic Ordinance County regulations pertaining to septic system siting and installation, upated 6/15/10
Well Ordinance County regulations pertaining to well siting and installation, updated 2/17/09
Sinkhole Ordinance Dont put things in sinkholes you wouldn't drink!