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Since its establishment by the Virginia General Assembly in 1836, Clarke County has valued its land and its people. One of the hallmarks of government in Clarke County is its effort to conserve the County’s agricultural character and natural environment.

In 1960, the first elements of the Zoning Ordinance were established. In 1980, the County implemented a unique form of zoning regulation for its rural areas by assigning a limited number of “Dwelling Unit Rights” to every parcel. In 1992, the County and the Town of Berryville, adopted site specific land use regulations to provide for additional residential, commercial, and light industrial uses in an annexation area that will double the area of the Town.

The twin objectives of these actions are to retain land for agricultural use and to concentrate homes, services, and jobs. Keeping land for agriculture is key to maintaining its important role in the local economy as well as preserving the natural character the County has enjoyed since its inception. Concentrating development activities allows for the most efficient use of public facilities and services including, roads, schools, and water and sewer service.

It is the responsibility of this Department to administer and coordinate the land use policies of the County as stated in its Comprehensive Plan and implemented in its Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance. In addition, the County has standards for wells and drain fields to further protect the environment. A key tool in the efforts of the Planning Department is the Geographic Information System whereby all of the physical attributes of the County are assembled to help understand the interrelationship of these attributes.







The Berryville Area Development Authority is undertaking a review and update of the Berryville Area Plan – the joint comprehensive plan managed cooperatively by the Town of Berryville and Clarke County for the development of designated annexation areas in and around Berryville.  The current Plan was initially adopted in 1992 by the Town and County and was last amended in 2010.


The Berryville Area Plan provides a vision for how the Berryville annexation area should grow in the future. The Plan is long-range and forward-looking, addressing a wide range of issues and questions relating to land use, community facilities, infrastructure, preservation, community character, and economic development among other topics.


A Public Comment Session on the Initial Draft of the 2015 Berryville Area Plan will be held from 5:00PM-7:30PM on Wednesday, October 28 in the Berryville-Clarke County Government Center, Main Meeting Room (2nd Floor).  Representatives from the Town and County Planning Departments and the Berryville Area Development Authority will be available to answer questions and to receive comments on the Initial Draft.  A brief presentation by Staff will be held at 7:00PM that evening.


Comments on the Initial Draft must be received by close of business on Monday, November 9, 2015.  All comments received will be considered by the Berryville Area Development Authority in creating a Final Draft Plan for public review, formal public hearings, and possible adoption later this year. 


Copies of the current and Initial Drafts of the Berryville Area Plan may be downloaded from either the County website – – or the Town website –  Copies may also be purchased in either office for $20.00.  For more information, please contact Brandon Stidham in the Clarke County Planning Department at (540) 955-5132, or Christy Dunkle in the Town Planning Department at (540) 955-4081. 


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