Serves as the advisory body to the Clarke County Board of Supervisors.  The Board serves as the liaison between the Parks and Recreation Director, the Board of Supervisors and the citizens of the community.  They shall consult with and advise the County Administrator, the Parks and Recreation Director and the Board of Supervisors in matters affecting recreation policies, programs, personnel, finances, and the acquisition and disposal of lands and properties related to the total community recreation program and to its long-range, projected program for recreation.


There are nine (9) voting members on the Advisory Board.  Six (6) members shall be appointed by the Board of Supervisors to represent the five (5) voting districts and one (1) at large.  The Superintendent of Schools or the Superintendent's designee shall serve on the Advisory Board.  The Town Councils of Berryville and Boyce shall each appoint a representative to serve on the Advisory Board.  The Advisory Board will accept applications from high school aged Clarke County residents and each year appoint two (2) to serve as non-voting members representing the youth of Clarke County.  All terms, except the student representatives, shall be staggered and shall be four (4) years.

Meeting Information:

Meetings are held quarterly (Jan, April, July and Oct)., on the third Wednesday of the month.

Staff Representative:

Lisa Cooke, Park Director. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For Current Membership or Other Information Contact the Staff Representative.