A business license is required for all businesses operating from a base in the unincorporated area of Clarke County or entering into Clarke County for the purpose of conducting business. Clearance with the Zoning Department is required before the initial license is obtained for Clarke County based businesses. A $100 one-time fee is assessed by the zoning department.  Business licenses valid for the calendar year, and must be renewed by January 31st of each year. For businesses who do not renew by that date, there is a $10.00 late penalty. All new businesses in Clarke County must obtain a business license within 30 days of beginning business. Businesses operating under an assumed or fictitious name are required to register in the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court (Code of VA 59.1-69).

Click on the link below for a Business License Application.

Business License Application

If your business is located in the Towns or Berryville or Boyce, you must obtain a business license from the appropriate town.
Town of Berryville  -  (540) 955-1099
Town of Boyce       -  (540) 837-2901