Athletic FieldsBaseball/Softball

Currently located on the Park ground are six (6) baseball/softball fields. The Park Master Plan reflects the construction of two new fields at the South/East corner of the Park.

Soccer Fields

Currently, there are two U-6, two U8, two U10, two U12 and two full size soccer fields at the Park.


Reservations are accepted for the two front Baseball/Softball fields and for Soccer fields during the months of April - October from 9:00am - 9:00pm, Sunday - Saturday and may be made up to (6) months in advance. All fields are available for reservation and play unless posted as 'closed'. Field closings due to inclement weather, safety reasons, or an unforeseen emergency will be made at the discretion of CCPR. Please refer to the CCPR Fee Schedule for reservation fee information or contact (540)955-5140 for any other questions.

  • The fee for preparation of the fields includes one lining and dragging per day. Lining and dragging throughout the day will be an additional charge.
  • A Certificate of Insurance will be required for organizations sponsoring tournaments or league play. Insurance shall be Comprehensive General Liability, $1,000,000 per occurrence, naming Clarke County as additionally insured.
Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.